Dark Skies

Elysa Amalfi’s life is gripped by shear madness as she stumbles into a dark realm where it is impossible to separate reality from imaginary.
Darkness is bleeding its treachery into our world and Elysa and The Order of the Anakim must find a way to combat the gathering doom.
At this vital juncture, Elysa's passion is lured by a wicked voice both arousing and terrifying. If the love between Elysa and Jarron is eternal, it will have to overcome pressures seen and unseen and withstand the crush of an all-out attack by demon forces.
Can The Order of the Anakim rescue her before it is too late?
Find out what happens to Elysa as she plunges deeper into the Anakim's world of war and magic.

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In this short story prequel, find out how it all began. Sarah Amalfi and her best friend Samantha are headed to Tijuana looking for some summer fun after their high school graduation... but there’s something far more sinister looming over this road trip than an innocent shopping trip at Tijuana’s famous market place.


Battle lines are revealed between ancient enemies that have been cloaked in bygone magick and traditions. The Order of the Anakim will reveal to Elysa a world beyond her imagination; her proud Anakim lineage, mystic powers, and a new passion to burn through the ages… Lives will hang in the balance. Does Elysa have the courage to follow her destiny to its uncertain end?


Get a sneak peek at the first few chapters of this riveting novel. After centuries of manipulation and treachery, Ashtaroth, Queen of the Demons, has made good on her promise. Lord Baal has risen and has taken the hordes to the next level of their ruthless plans. With unstoppable women at his side, Baal sets his sight to start his war on the unsuspecting people of San Francisco.

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“An interesting and fast-paced prelude to the large "Gathering Storm", this is action packed and should appeal to most age groups. There's obviously a lot that's hinted at and left unexplained but this is clearly intentional as the book is very much a prelude to the following volume (hence the title of course). Recommended for those who like urban / contemporary fantasy.”

Prelude to a Storm

Amazon reviewer
“Well what can I say? I think I covered how impressed and inspired I was with Cecily Magnon’s writing style when I reviewed the run-up to this; Prelude to a Storm. The only real difference here is that it did not surprise me; I had hyped this book up in my mind and was keen to fall into its dreamy, fantasy world of angels, demons and a host of all things magical.”

Gathering Storm

Amazon reviewer
“This is another great read. Although at one point it made me mad & I hated everything that was happening!! But in the end I know it's going. To be a good outcome ( I hope! ). Thank you Cecily! I love this series, it keeps getting deeper & better & so much going on. Please hurry with your next book!!! I'll be standing by to order it!!!!!”

Dark Skies

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Cecily Magnon

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I’m so glad you’re here and I hope that you come back often. The world(s) I’m building through my books wouldn’t be possible without you. For it is only through the reader’s mind, that a writer’s work can truly come alive.
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